THE ALICE OPEN: In Celebration of Jim Rigley!

The Alice open will be held September 14, 15, at Yucaipa Valley Golf Club. The price is $230.00 cash, or $235.00 credit. The host hotel will again be the Ayres hotel in Redlands. Please make your reservations early!

In the past this event has always been "Stag" Since I have been in charge, women have always been welcome. Last year, the participants took a vote (as we do every year) and decided to not include women this year in hopes that some of the old participants might return. So gentlemen, this is your chance to show your support to the Alice Open and prove that you are willing to return if we keep this a "Stag" event. Your invitation is below.





The Alice Open


September 14, 15, 2012


Yucaipa Valley Golf Club

33725 Chapman Heights Rd.

Yucaipa, CA 92339



Ayres Hotel

1015  W. Colton Ave

Redlands, CA 92374



Price:  Cash $229.00

          Credit $235.00


 To pay with a credit card, contact Rick at the number provided.


*Male only this year!



2011 Results

1ST Place

Mike Davari

Kevin Rigley

River Horn

Tristen Owens


2ND Place

Mark Porter

Mike Singer

Clark Hansen

Warren Schmidt


3RD Place

Larry Duke

Joe Awad

Jerry Nance

Russ Carter


4th Place (Tie)

Adam Nance                       

Scott Robb                         

Kim Horn                  

Wally Macholtz


4th Place (Tie) 

Rick Owens

Kirk Davis

Mike Mongillo


6th Place

Eddie Martinez

Jim Miller

Dick Singer

Josh Singer


7th Place

Jason Kerr

Ron Christianson

Roy Nix

Bob Manz


8th Place

Fernando Camberenos

Alan Owens

Mike Whitmore

Mike Rigley






2011 Horses Ass Winners (9th Place)

Jeff Beaulieu

Lonnie Foster

Tom Carter

Roger Jeka